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They Took My Weed & Took A Bribe Of $3000 From Me’ – Prince TOD Exposes Dampare’s Police Officers In Hot Video

A Ghanaian big boy who is known as Prince TOD has exposed some Ghanaian police officers who took a bribe from him and ceased his marijuana.

In a video he shared, Prince TOD stated that he was on his way to town when some officers pulled him over and then handcuffed him after they found drugs on him.

They then took his cash and then as well ceased his weed before letting him go. Prince TOD backed his allegations with a video.

According to a lot of social media users, the use of marijuana is a crime as well as police officers collecting bribes from suspects arrested.

They are calling on IGP Dampare to take actions immediately.

Below are a few comments in the video:

Hes lucky they didnt put him in prison. Weed laws here are ridiculous lol. 3k tho ..damn lol

Weed is illegal in Ghana wo k) abrokyere aah na wa k) shi 3ny3 ha Man this ain’t necessary, Y’all trying to make these cops even worse 臘‍♂️臘‍♂️臘‍♂️

Ghana Police paaa de3 so the culprit in handcuffs had the audacity to video them too eeeeii where is the training maybe it’s a music video I guess 

And this is the same police, the current IGP says he want to change 

Kiddo one money say prince tod be fake for street ….he was living luxury with his gf money way kiddo bab hum lol ……from chain to car 

Watch the video below:

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