Some things Shatta Wale said about Nigerians were unnecessary and alarming — Fuse ODG

British singer, rapper and songwriter, Nana Richard Abiona, better known in showbiz as Fuse ODG has disagreed with Shatta Wale on some comments the dancehall artiste made about Nigerian artistes.

Few weeks ago, Shatta Wale slammed Nigerian artistes saying that Ghana has always supported them in terms of promoting their music but Ghanaian artistes do not get the same from Nigerians in return.

He expressed strong emotions after he was told that he will not get a lot of people to attend his concert.

“They said I won’t be able to fill my own stadium, I don’t need any Nigerian artist to sell out Ghana’s stadium, f**k Nigerian artist”, Shatta Wale said.

But the “Antenna” hitmaker in an interview on TV3’s Showbiz360 believes Shatta Wale went overboard with some of the things he said. In his view Shatta’s comments were unnecessary and alarming because there is a bigger battle they all need to fight which is how to promote Ghanaian music better. According to him, the most important thing is to support each other rather than unnecessary outbursts.

“I feel some of the things he said were unnecessary and alarming but I can understand where he is coming from in terms of us not getting the same support from our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. But you know, he could have definitely put it better so I don’t agree with him. All these are not necessary, there is a bigger battle. We need to support each other”, Fuse said.

He announced a project part of which will see that new and young artistes are signed in other to give them the maximum audience to survive in the music industry.

“We are signing new artistes, and then, I feel like we need more Ghanaians coming through and you know, in Nigerian, it’s like every day there is a new artist coming through so for Ghana, we need that kind of support to be able to put an upcoming artist through that kind of channel so they can also have that kind of audience as well. I’m on it.”

Source: 3news

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