Give me 1 cedi, I beg – Video of social media celeb GH 2Pac begging for money pops up

A video showing social media sensation Ghana 2Pac begging on the streets has stirred massive debate online

The once-famous social media discovery was seen asking some commuters to give him GHC1

After receiving the money, he gave them a feel of his trademark walking skill that shot him to national fame

Ghanaian social media sensation, Seth Korangteng known popularly as Supa and Ghana 2Pac, has been spotted in a new video begging for money from some motorists.

In a new video posted by on Instagram, the once-popular internet sensation was seen standing by the roadside and begging some men in a car.

He was initially asking for GHC2 from the men but when it was not forthcoming, he decided to have his request reduced to GHC1.

Before being handed the cedi note, the men in the car engaged the social media sensation and asked him how he managed his fame.

One man could be heard asking GH 2Pac what he used all the money he made from his fame for but the former internet sensation did not respond.

After chatting for a while and making incessant demands for the money, the men in the car finally handed GH 2Pac some notes.

After taking the money, a visibly excited GH 2Pac was asked to re-enact his viral walking skills for what he became famous for.

GH 2Pac took some steps back and showed off his moves to the admiration of all those who were there.

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