27 turning 33? Chancel Mbemba accused by own club Porto of falsifying his age

Ex-Newcastle defender Chancel Mbemba will not be given a new contract by FC Porto as he has lied about his age for his entire career, according to reports.

The centre-back, who played over 50 times for Newcastle between 2015 and 2018, was previously believed to be 27 years old – but according to Portuguese outlet Corriero de Manha, he has told his close friends he was born in 1990, which makes him 31.

Mbemba’s age has been questioned for many years after a 2013 investigation revealed four different birth dates were brought up throughout his career. The earliest year of birth speculated was August 1988, which would make him 33 now.

The debate over his age was temporarily quashed when he took bone tests upon signing for Newcastle which claimed he was actually born in 1994, the year he maintained he was born in.

But this new reported evidence has raised even more speculation about Mbemba’s age, with Porto now reportedly unwilling to extend his current contract beyond the summer due to this information.

AC Milan are also reportedly keen on signing Mbemba this year, but may now be put off by the centre-back’s now-inflated age.

The defender reportedly changed his age while he was completing a move from Congo to Belgian side Anderlecht in 2012.

During the 2013 investigation, a member of the Congolese Football Federation revealed that Mbemba’s birth year was changed to 1991 as it enabled him to play in the 2012 Olympic Games, which most allows Under-23 players.

The report forced Mbemba to take physical tests to prove his age which proved he would be 27-years-old now.

‘I got bone tests done and, as me and my friends all know, the results prove what my age is,’ Mbemba told the Mirror in 2015. ‘I just go out and play football, no misinformation. A lot has been said about my birthdate and the different ages. I proved exactly what the truth is.

‘People in Africa know, me and my family, friends and anyone who knows Chancel Mbemba knows I was born on August 8th, 1994. That is all that matters.

‘Sometimes in Africa when people see someone doing well they try to bring them down or harm they career.

‘I am not that kind of person, I have my friends and family and I don’t have any harmful thoughts in my heart or in my head. All that should matter to people is what I do on the pitch.’

The defender moved to Porto in July 2018 for £7million and has played over 100 times for the Portuguese giants.

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