I rejected Ghanaian men with cars for a Spain ‘borga’ who only sends toothpaste

A young lady has taken to Facebook to seek advice after coming to the realization that choosing her Spain ‘borga’ over rich Ghanaian men may be her biggest mistake yet.

The lady shared to a Facebook page called ‘Wadduha’ declaring that she has come to her senses and will no longer reject people in wait for so-called borgas who are now fighting to get their papers to come and marry them. Apparently, her borga only sends her items like Vitamin C even though he is not the anti-Covid-19 ambassador, toothbrush and paste, chocolates, and cheese.

Miss anonymous is now fed up and regrets not entertaining the big Ghanaian men with cars when they came her way.

The post read, “Salam alaikum my fellow brothers in Europe, I want to use this Wadduha platform to inform u all that we the ladies in Ghana are now very wise that we won’t allow u guys to make us reject people around just to wait for u to get ur papers. Wadduha the problem is this guy in Spain 🇪🇸 promised to marry me 4 years ago and I have been so prayerful and patient just to wait for that day..the only thing he send my self and my family are vitamin C the one in the orange bottle,brush and paste,chocolate and cheese..I’m not the money type but at least u should send something that can help my self and the family…I have rejected men with big cars and houses because of u, I’m fed up and i don’t want to make any mistake so pls advice me”.

At this point, we only hope our big Ghanaian men reconsider and move to miss anonymous again as she is now ready to accept them.

MaRk AnNor

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