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After wearing matching outfits, lady rejects her boyfriend proposal at church

If only we knew the mindset of some people, we wouldn’t be laughing right before them. Some people are very dangerous and the only reason why they are sticking right beside us, is the fact that they are gaining one or two benefits from us. Cut of those benefits and see them dump you like rubbish in a trash can.

A man has been living together with the love of his life for a very long time, and has been sharing couple goals with her. He only envisioned marrying her one day, and building a new life with her but sadly, the woman was just sticking around for some time. She was just draining the blood out of him so she could finally go to build life with another man. This is how wicked some people can be!!!

This article focuses on a man who had even matched outfits with his supposed wife-to-be in church. He had secretly asked the pastor to do him a favor since he was going to propose to his girlfriend in church. The permission was granted and he did the rightful thing at the appropriate time but shockingly, he didn’t hear her say “yes”.

This woman had no love for him and I don’t understand she even agreed to wear matching outfits with a person she never loved. This is very disrespectful and devastating. This is what netizens had to say;

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