Shatta Wale accuses Jackie Appiah of making money from ‘totoworks’ and not movies (WATCH)

Shatta Wale has called out Jackie Appiah for allegedly lying to the public about how she makes money.

The dancehall act whilst addressing the E-Levy bill dragged in Ghanaian celebrities like Jackie Appiah who allowed the government to use them for a campaign by the NLA yet they turn mute when it comes to the other pressing matters.

According to Shatta Wale in a long rant today about the E-levy bill, he lost respect for the screen goddess since that day. “The celebrities you go, you know say you people you no get sense?”

Expressing worry over how the Ghana Gaming Commission has banned celebrities from advertising betting games, he said “the system is taking us for granted. If you say you banning us from betting, why then, the same people you say you ban, bring them to come and support you to fight lotto fraud?”.

Descending heavily on Jackie Appiah, he said he doesn’t see her as a legend again nor a celebrity because she is living a fake life. “All of you that went to the NLA thing, you are not a celebrity, you are ‘nkwankyen’ roadside stars,” he said.

Slamming the actress harder, he added that “Jackie Appiah forget yourself then I dey respect you but you see the picture you want to try paint give female actresses and whatever stop it because people know what you are doing in Ghana”.

” When was the last time you did a movie that sold one million dollars but you always want people to know that you are living life because you are acting, hey there are actresses who are suffering. The ‘toto’ work we know.

“If toto dey work like that we we go fit turn gay, you know how many things I go fit get? Make them chop my ass small and give me something small … bad man we know, the toto works we know,” he said in the video below which has gone viral on social media.


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