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Throwback to some Ghanaian Car Inscriptions In the 1950’s which still speaks louder

Like a baton, the tradition of commercial vehicle drivers writing inscriptions on their cars is always passed on to the next generation. Ghana has really come a long way and this tradition is never going to fade out. For me personally, I love seeing writings on cars since most of them do communicate to the viewers.Most of them are motivational messages and have really helped people during times when they were down. This article is going to take us back to some car inscriptions during the 1950s.

1.The inscription below is implying that man has to work with all the energy left inside of them as if there is no death. Indeed, there is no time to die if you want to make it in life.

2.Many young kings whose life have been destroyed by women will wish they saw this inscription earlier on. Women are cool but in this generation, if you don’t fear them, you will laugh at the wrong side of your mouth.

3.This highlights on the “ashawo season”. During those times there were not much telephones, and whenever a man wanted to have a nice time with a lady, the night was the best time they would meet. This driver was really in love.

4.Indeed it is great to be young. Young people will have the time and energy to cause massive changes in their lives, unlike old people who have no energy and no time.

5.This might be insulting but facing the fact, there is some truth attached to it. This inscription is basically telling us not to put our trust in anyone and believe in ourselves because, people will find means to fail you!!!


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