I’m still a virgin, want to have kids; Ghanaian transgender, Ohemartin speaks [Watch]

Popular Ghanaian transgender, Martin Hughes, Ohemartin, says she wants to have children.

Ohemartin was speaking on the Delay Show. Asked about her sexual life, the 22-year-old transgender said she barely gets sexual thoughts running through her mind.

According to the socialite who owns a hair saloon, she tries to remain focused on other prospects.

“I don’t usually get sexual thoughts. I am a virgin and I’m serious about it. I want to have kids,” she told Delay, host of the show.

Talking about having family, Ohemartin said, “someday but not in the natural way. There are so many ways of having kids. I can opt for surrogacy, get a surrogate mother if I want.”

The fast-rising Ghanaian socialite, who is a past student of an all-boys SHS, Mfantsipim School, was thrown into the spotlight in 2020 after granting an exclusive interview about her life.

Officially named Martin Hughes after birth, Ohemartin said she realized who she was at the age of seven because playing with the boys did not feel right to her. In the video below, she said she knew within her she was a girl.

Talking more about her life as a transgender woman she revealed that she uses the ladies’ restroom.

Delay asked: “so when you go to the public restroom, do you use the female or the male washroom?”

Responding, she said ” the ladies“.

Delay also asked her about her religious belief (Christianity), she replied that she goes to church regularly and asserted that she’s very religious.

The interview is the second episode Delay is dropping this year after taking the show to TV3.

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