Man homeless, loses bank job after wife insulted his female boss and ran away

A young man, Oscar Constant Ouma, has taken to social media to seek help in getting a job after losing his bank job

The once married man before now had a stable bank job but walked into the office one day to be handed a termination letter after his wife insulted his female boss

The asthmatic man’s situation was made worse as he returned home one day to find out his wife had packed all her belongings out along with his savings

A 31-year-old man identified as Oscar Constant Ouma has sent out an appeal on social media to Kenyans to help him get a job, adding that he sleeps on his academic qualifications every night.

Ouma graduated from Egerton University, Kenya in 2013 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance, but the job market has been harsh on him.

In an interview with a trusted Kenyan news outlet Tuko, the young man from Kisumu disclosed that he had a stable job with KCB Bank but lost it due to his wife’s insecurities.

According to him, his wife insulted his female manager, which led to the termination of his services.

“I left my phone on the table and went to the bathroom then the manager sent a message asking if I could work on Saturday. Since I never went to work on weekends, my wife didn’t believe it so she took the number and called,” he explained.

Ouma says that the moment his wife heard that the voice on the other end was female, she hurled insults at her before dipping his phone in water.

Handed a termination letter

The following Monday, Ouma reported at work unaware that he had not only failed to honour the request the manager made over the weekend but she had also been insulted.

“I only realized what had transpired when I was handed my termination letter,” he expressed.

Even with the job loss, the young man forgave his wife and moved to Nakuru with her where he worked at a construction site.

The undoing was that he is a born asthmatic, therefore, cannot lift heavy items or inhale cement for long.

“Even when I am given a job, I am let go because they fear I’ll collapse on them. And when I am paid I spend all the money on medi*cation,” he added.

Sleeps on his academic papers

One fine evening, Ouma came back to his house after hustling and found that his wife had gone away with everything in the house, including his savings.

It was a blow that sent him into a depressive state that saw him confined to a rehabilitation centre for six months over mental instability.

When he came out of rehab, Ouma was unable to find his bearing in life, a state that he has struggled to shake out of.

He currently sleeps on his academic documents every night, hoping that things will open up someday.

“Every day, I literally sleep on my qualification. Connect me to your HR and networks. My strengths are accounting, finance and portfolio management. I hope one day life will take a different twist that will wipe my tears ever,he appealed.

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