Like Nigerians and Ghanaians, Russians rush to download VPNs as Facebook access is blocked

Regulators of media in Russia said on Friday, March 4 that it will cut off access to the social media site, Facebook in the country as it seeks to intensify its unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

According to the media watch-dog, Facebook has flouted federal law by denying access to accounts of several state-controlled media organisations, a translated version of a statement said, according to CNBC.

Russia restricts access to Facebook
Source: UGC

The action marks further crackdown from Russia against Facebook.

Russia fights back against social media sites

Last week, the state-owned agency placed partial restrictions on Facebook for flouting its laws.

According to the regulator on Friday, March 4, 2022, there are cases of bias against Russian media and information resources by Facebook.

Clegg on Twitter that Facebook will “do everything we can to restore our services” as the Russians find themselves cut off reliable information.

Russia has intensified its crackdown on both traditional and social media since its invasion of Ukraine which earned it major isolation from the international community.

Russians rush to bypass restrictions

Twitter and Google said they are committed to fighting misinformation by the Russian government-owned media outlets.

The new restriction on social media by the Russian government have led many in the country to rush to virtual private networks like Nigerians did when the Buhari government restricted access to Twitter for deleting the president’s tweet containing threats of violence.

Chinese-owned social media, Tik-Tok joina Facebook, YouTube, Google, others to ban Russia state media

Mk Trends has reported that pressure is mounting on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine as more companies are blacklisting their state-run media.

The latest in the global isolation of the pariah state is the ban by video-sharing platform, Tik-Tok which joined other global social media companies to place a ban on the country’s pro-government media.

The short-form video platform toed the line of mainstream media firms to restrict the Russian government from putting out their propaganda through social media.

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