“My wife has refused to return to Ghana after I sent her to Canada to give birth, I have never seen my daughter” – Husband weeps

A devasted married man has taken to the internet to reveal the trauma his wife has forced him to endure after refusing to return to Ghana although she has delivered and it’s past time for her journey back home.

According to this man, he sent his wife to Canada to deliver in late 2019 unfortunately, COVID-19 took over the world hence she had to wait for the travelling restrictions to be scrapped.

Fast-forward, we’re in 2022 and all the international travelling restrictions have been quashed but his wife is now playing hid and seek games with him.

To make matters worse, his wife has even refused to send him a picture of the daughter whom he’s eagerly yearning to see and meet.

One fascinating thing about this whole saga is that his wife additionally refused to put his name on his daughter’s birth certificate because she portrayed herself as an unmarried woman.

This simply means the child is not the man’s biological daughter if we are to consider things legally.

Now, the big question is, why has the wife refused to come back to Ghana? Is the husband hiding something from us just to gain public sympathy?

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…

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