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New convert steals video cameras, accessories from church after becoming ‘born again’

David Wanyonyi Simiyu, a newly repented kenya man took it back from God as made a U-turn in stealing church cameras worth millions of money from the church premises.




Currently, the young man known as Simiyu has been publicly declared wanted by the police after allegedly stealing two video cameras and their accessories from the church.

Simiyu reportedly gave his life to Christ at Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Zimmerman Parish on Sunday, March 6, and made away with the cameras while the congregation were praying on that same day.

A statement released by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), on Saturday March 12, disclosed that he sold the cameras to some dishonest dealers.

“Two video cameras and their accessories that were stolen from a city-based Church last Sunday as the service was ongoing, have been recovered by detectives,” the statement read.

“The two professional cameras worth close to Sh1Million disappeared from the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Zimmerman Parish, as the faithful were deep in prayers.

“It is not until the service was over that the church orderlies noticed the cameras were missing, much to the consternation of the congregants and the clergy.

“The Church leadership notified our detectives and sleuths from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, immediately took up the matter. It didn’t take long for the revered crime busters to unmask the author of the crime.” the statement reads.

Following intensive investigation and forensic analysis, the police traced it to the unscrupulous dealers Simiyu sold them to at Nairobi’s Imenti business hub and recovered it.

The dealers, Joshua Mulei, Douglas Karanja and Stephen Thuo, were arrested after it was discovered that they deal in stolen items. However, Simiyu is still on the run.

It was gathered that the church leadership has pardoned the suspect in accordance with the scriptures and have pledged to welcome him back ‘home’ like the prodigal son.

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