Ukrainian Officials Stop ‘Man Dressed As Woman’ To Avoid Conscription

Ukrainian border guards claim they have prevented a ‘male deserter dressed in women’s clothes’ escaping the country.

After stopping a taxi crossing from Ukraine into Moldova, officials became suspicious when they discovered a conscript certificate in the vehicle. 

Ukrainian men aged between 18 and 60 are expected to stay and fight against Russia’s invasion. 

One exception to conscription in Ukraine is ineligibility on medical grounds, while others are dependent on whether or not a person is looking after three or more children or raising a child on their own.

People raising disabled children are also exempt from fighting. 

MailOnline reports that the taxi was stopped near Odessa and inside was a ‘strangely tall 26-year-old with a deep voice’.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine’s suspicions are said to have been raised once a temporary conscript certificate was found.

The individual was then taken to an indoor location where they were seen signing documents in the clip.

Footage shows a person dressed in a black jacket and leopard print hat talking to Ukraine officials.

The person’s long hair is visible and the individual gestures with their hands while talking to guards at the side of a road.

Ukrainian men aged between 18 and 60 are expected to stay and fight against Russia’s invasion. Credit: Alamy

The camera then pans to the taxi’s trunk, where suitcases and luggage can be seen.

When Russia’s war on Ukraine broke out in March, the UN urged Ukraine to ‘take a compassionate approach to the enforcement of martial law’.

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