For women: Here are 6 things to keep handy if you are sexually active.

Stocking your pleasure kit properly could be the difference between a good and a great experience




A sexually active woman is a term that can lead to misunderstanding and debate. But, thanks to advances in knowledge and better understanding; a woman’s sexuality and sexual wants are now being recognised.

Our society is slowly but steadily accepting the idea that women desire, need, and enjoy sex. According to experts, a woman should embrace her sexuality and sexual impulses openly and without shame.

Sexually active women belong to the tribe that wouldn’t just keep their sex essentials on the nightstand, possibly your handbag or satchel is more suited for their on-the-go adventurous sex-positive selves. Stocking your pleasure kit properly could be the difference between a good and a great experience — one you’ll probably want to and get to have again.

Always keep handy these things:


The fire within you is raging into a tempest of desire, and then… oh no! “Where’s the condom?”, “I’m allergic to latex”, “No can without a flavour!” Remember, every woman and every vagina are different. It’s an intelligent choice to have options available.

A sex-playlist

Readying up for solo-play or expecting a steamy x-some? The lights are dim, the candles are on, the sheets are waiting, and the temperature is rising. Then what’s missing? Well, setting the mood with sensually smooth music is what the love doctor has ordered! Keep it, handy folks. Always does the trick.

Sex was divine, messy too. Acknowledge the chaos. Make the tidying-up a part of the fun! Grab some paraben and chemical-free wipes and rub them off your partner while leaving back your own scent.

High-quality lube

Love mustn’t hurt. Unfortunately, it does. 75% of women experience pain during sex at some point and one does not wish that to happen in their steamy encounter. Stay away from the likes of coconut oil as they can cause latex condoms to break. Look for a thick, water-based lubricant to enjoy an uninterrupted action.

Vibrators and clitoral stimulants

Did you know that two out of three women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm? Offer unforgettable action with stimulants and finger vibrators to get her in the zone. It certainly would be a great investment! Up the ante with a couple’s vibe.


It’s all about feeling comfortable with yourself, mind, and body alike. It’s about believing that you deserve pleasure, it’s about expressing what you enjoy, it’s about patiently listening to your partner’s needs. At its core, it’s about being truly naked and lovingly so.

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