Exclusive: Pappy Kojo finally admits Yvonne Nelson is at the centre of his beef with JoeyB

Italy-based Ghanaian rapper, Pappy Kojo has revealed new information about his long-standing beef with former pal, Joey B.




Although their fans noticed their separation a long time ago, the two have tried to keep silent about the reason for their split.

Both Pappy Kojo and Joey B have beaten around the bush, when the question of why they have split comes up during interviews.

However, over the past few weeks, Pappy Kojo has released series of attacks on Joey B on social media, making allusions to why they broke up.

In a recent exclusive interview with Ameyaw TV’s Zeinat, the rapper shared more details about their falling out.

According to the “Fante Vandamme” rapper, his relationship with Joey B is irreparable at this stage and he is not willing to have a sit down conversation with Joey

“I personally don’t want to talk to Joey face to face. I’m done with him, but it could have been done,” he stated.

After several attempts at finding out the real reason for their split, Pappy Kojo finally agreed that indeed it was because of actress, Yvonne Nelson.

“I mean…I don’t know, I mean I feel like Yvonne Nelson was my best friend and now we are no longer best friends and now they’re being best friends so it’s like…” Pappy revealed.

Pappy further explained;

“Yvonne was best friends with me first. I don’t know if our friendship ended or whatever…after everything she did, we are not best friends. She became friends with someone I’m not friends with. I saw pictures of them [Joey and Yvonne] hanging out together.”

He continued;

“Maybe you Ghanaian guys are cool with those things but me Pappy Kojo isn’t. If you are going to be my friend, don’t be friends with somebody who is not my friend. But they are not friends anymore, I went to check and they have unfollowed each other.”

When asked if he was happy about that, he said;

“Yeah, very happy… Like I’ll be sad if I see them follow each other again. So keep it like that.”

Pappy Kojo also explained that he was very committed to making their partnership and friendship fly, hence, the reason he stopped being friends with some people because Joey said so.

I felt like we need to let this Pappy and Joey thing go… because it wasn’t just about me and Joey, honestly, it was about the people we work with, they really looked up to us doing this thing. So I was willing to do anything,” he stated.

Watch exclusive interview below;

Source: Ameyaw Debrah

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