D-Black should be disgraced and made to pay 10 times the amount if he can steal 500,000 worth of electricity and still be part of Dumsor vigil- Blakk Rasta

Ghanaian Reggae musician and Radio Presenter, Blakk Rasta, has asked for a more stricter punishment for D-Black for using electricity illegally.




On Thursday, April 28, news reports from Citi News indicated that power supply at DBlack’s  Oasis Pool and Shisha Lounge in Accra, had been cut off  from the national grid for power theft.

Operators of the night club, located at Cantonments behind the police headquarters in Accra were caught red handed by the National Taskforce of the Electricity Company of Ghana for bypassing the meter to use electricity.

The Taskforce visited the premises of the lounge, where it uncovered the illegality, which is alleged to have taken place for a long time.

Speaking on Prime Morning, Monday, on Joy Prime, Blakk Rasta expressed that the rapper be dealt with for committing such a heinous crime.

“I don’t believe in prison. He has to pay… For me, he should pay not less than 10-fold of what he had stolen. These are the guys who walk around {acting} big. But you are a thief. That’s it. Tell me what other word for stealing. Is it not taking without permission? Do you know how many people died in the hospital because of the 500,00 stealing of power? D-Black should be disgraced. They should let the whole world know that this is what he has done, so that some of us petty thieves will not graduate to mega thieves like him,” Blakk Rasta stated,

Blakk Rasta also stated that despite D-Black’s celebrity status, he should be punished like the ordinary Ghanian.

D-Black should be made to suffer like any other person, yes that is stealing. If D-Black had broken into multimedia and had stolen 500,000, Ghanaians will be talking. But because it is a governmental institution… even in our proverbs, [we say] “government work we don’t carry it on our heads, we drag it on the floor,” he added.

He continued; “D-Black can steal 500,000 worth of electricity and still be part of Dumsor vigil.”

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