Privacy Policy

At and its advertisers respect and protects the privacy of its users to ensure that, the personal information received or collected is treated confidentially. We collect personal data based on the personal data law/Act.
Quickly we will like to take our time to explain how we securely process and uses our visitor’s information on our website.

1. Personal Data

Your data are the information we collect when you visit our website. Our system automatically collects some of your data such as IP address and the browser our visitors used to log into our website. We sometimes also collects other details such as Name, email address, telephone number when needed.

2. Usage of Personal Data

At this point, we will love you to Know how your information is used according to the personal data law. only collects visitor’s information available to us by visiting our website. This information collected and stored in our system to be able to make your visit to our website possible.
However we also only collect your data such as name, email, when filling our contact form, newsletter, news submission, and Feedback form to be able to deliver information or response to the right user.
We also want to inform you that, your technical information collected by our system automatically, is stored anonymously for the use of statistics and analysis in other to improve our website.

3. Usage of Cookies, to make your experience and stay on our website easy, by accepting cookies, our system automatically stores your country name, email address, and other details on your device and is remembered when next you visit our website. They can be deleted or disabled which means you can use without cookies but may reduce your user-friendliness. Likewise, your cookies also help show you relevant ads on your screen by our advertisers.
Your cookies are secure and we want you to be also informed that your cookies are not stored in our system but automatically stored on your device.

4. Third-party Cookies and Data Usage

At, we allow third-party ads companies like Google AdSense and foremedia to use your or collect some useful anonymous data when you visit our website to serve you with relevant ads. These ads companies also use cookies or third-party beacons to collect your data. To learn more about this behavioral advertising practice or to opt-out of this type of advertising, you can visit

5. Change of Personal Data and Access.

We want to inform you that, you have all the legal rights to your information stored on our system, therefore you can at anytime make changes, delete or block your personal information from our system.
In case you have any question concerning our privacy policy and your data usage, kindly contact us via our email or WhatsApp: +233 20 048 1829

Note: Our privacy policy can be changed at any time without prior notice to our users.

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